“Tough without the rough.”

Lakewood Tackle Cases, like all Lakewood cases, are soft-sided hard cases. This means they offer protection for your equipment without being so hard. We call it, “tough without the rough.” But there’s more to a Lakewood Tackle Case. Most are designed by the pros, who fish for a living. We build what they demand. Innovation and performance have made Lakewood the #1 Musky Case.

Fisherman love Lakewood tackle cases because they are soft yet offer the same protection as any hard tackle box. Plus, they’re lightweight offer easy access and they are guaranteed!



Lakewood Tackle Cases make bait storage and access as easy as it can be, whether it’s a top-loading musky box or a multi-tray case where the individual cases won’t fall over, we are all about making your day on the water even better.

Lakewood cases float too! Even fully loaded. And, they’re tough. You can even use some of them as a platform. And, Lakewood cases are 100% made in the USA. Plus, they come with a lifetime warranty and a performance guarantee. Need we say more?