A Lakewood is light!

Our soft-sided hard case design is lighter weight. ABS construction provides hard-case strength without hard case weight. This is a big advantage for air travel.


A Lakewood is soft!

Lakewood’s soft exterior, a denier nylon shell, prevents damage to the inside of your SUV. Yet, it provides superior protection relative to any hard case.


A Lakewood offers easy access!

A top-loading Lakewood case offers easy top-down access which blows away both soft and hard cases for convenience while hunting.



Lakewood’s exclusive top-loading, drop-in design makes bow (or gun) access easy, even in the back of a crowded truck!

Most of us hunt out of the back of our truck. A Lakewood Back-of-the-Truck bow case offers much better protection for your bow than a traditional soft-case, as well as easier bow access in a crowded truck than either a soft or hard case


You come out of the woods and open the back of your truck. If you are like most geared up bowhunters, you’ve got plenty of gear. You toss in your over-filled pack and take off your harness. After you put your jacket in your scent-free tote, you look for your bow case.

It’s in there somewhere between the cooler, target, full-size decoy and spare tree stand. If you use a soft case, you struggle to get the bow in and risk a bumped bowsight. If you’re traveling with a hard case, you are forced to pull it out to put in your bow. This is a pain.

A Lakewood case sits nicely along either side of the truck bed and opens from the top for super-easy access. Just drop your bow in, quiver on, of course, and you are ready to roll. It’s “hard” so it holds its position, yet soft , so it doesn’t hurt you or your SUV when it’s cold. And, because of its rectangular shape, it has space for plenty of other gear, too. A Lakewood case is built tough. In fact, it’s warranted for life. Even the zipper. The “Fire Breathin Draggin” ballistic nylon/poly fabric is drag proof. And, you can stand on the case, thanks to the Inner Armor ABS plastic interior. But, what you will appreciate most is how easy it is to access your bow in the back of your crowded truck. We guarantee it!