Lakewood soft-sided hard cases


Only Lakewood makes Soft-Sided Hard Cases!

All Lakewood cases are what we call soft-sided hard cases. They offer all of the protection of any hard case without being hard. You get structural integrity without structural severity. Or, to put it a different way, they’re tough without being rough.

All Lakewood products come with a lifetime warranty and our Better Case Guarantee. It’s simple and straightforward and there is no fine print.

If your Lakewood case does not give you easier access and better protection we will refund your money, no questions asked.


Made in the USA!

All Lakewood products are made in Suamico, WI, in our own factory, by our own employees

Tackle Cases Float!

Even fully loaded with lures, Lakewood Tackle cases will float – just in case…

Quiver On!

Lakewood bow cases load from the top and store your bow with the quiver on